norfloxacin treatment urinary tract infection

Posted on 20 Авг 20199

Norfloxacin in the treatment of urinary tract infections in men with

Norfloxacin in the treatment of urinary tract infections in men with
A retrospective analysis of data from the treatment of 95 men with nonbacteremic urinary tract infections (UTIs) (clean-catch urinary bacterial count greater than or equal to 10(5) colony-forming units/ml) who received norfloxacin (400 mg orally twice dNorfloxacin in the treatment of urinary tract infections - ncbi
28 patients with urinary tract infections (UTI) were treated with norfloxacin 2 X 400 mg daily for 9 days. 14 of these patients had complicated UTI (stones, obstruction). The main pathogens were E. On the third day of treatment all bacteria were er

Single-dose compared with 3-day norfloxacin treatment of uncomplicated urinary tract infection in women. Canadian Infectious Diseases Society Clinical Trials Study Group. Author information: (1)Department of Medicine, University of Ottawa, Ontario, . Treatment of acute urinary infection by norfloxacin or nalidixic acid

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